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There are many ways to join Can Assist and becoming a member shows your support for Can Assist's programs and activities within your community. Can Assist provides financial support for accommodation to people from rural and regional NSW and our member's support is vital to our ongoing assistance. As a member you are invited to attend your local branch monthly meeting to become an active voice and decision maker in community fundraising projects, ensuring that we can work together to extend our network and improve the lives of those directly affected by cancer in your community. We thank you for supporting our work aimed at ensuring cancer treatment is equal for all – it is greatly appreciated.

Membership fees are based on an annual rate, from July to June each year. To become a member of a specific branch please contact that branch.

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I agree to comply with the Constitution, By Laws and the endorsed policies, procedures and guidelines of Can Assist (Cancer Patients Assistance Society of NSW).

I agree that during my membership with Can Assist, and after the membership ceases, I will hold and keep confidential all personal information that comes into my knowledge or possession.

I agree to protect the privacy of those to whom the information relates, and will not discuss or divulge personal information at any time or to any third party, unless as a necessary part of my work with Can Assist.

Please be advised that any images or video taken at a Can Assist associated event that may include yourself could be used for promotional material, annual reports, newsletters and social media.